Eating My Feelings: Freelance Faux Pas

I have recently gone freelance (holla for all of your social media needs) and I am struggling. I’m not struggling to find a gig or pay my bills (I’m very fortunate to have a consistent role at the moment and no real big outgoings), I’m struggling to manage myself. It’s made me think a lot about how my bosses managed me at my previous 9-5s … Continue reading Eating My Feelings: Freelance Faux Pas

Eating My Feelings

I am writing this post on Wednesday 10th October and it is World Mental Health Day 2018. Mental health, self care, anxiety, depression, suicide (especially that in young males), talking about your feelings, not talking about your feelings are just a few topics regarding mental health and the stigma surrounding it. Up until this weekend, I have never really any of my social media platforms … Continue reading Eating My Feelings