Ya gal goes veggie

After a recent trip to Croxteth Park Farm where I formed an unspoken and unbreakable bond with a playful goat and a baby cow, I have decided to go vegetarian. It’s been a long time coming; I’ve been vowing to cut out red meat for ages and I’m already dairy-free due to my lactose intolerance. I was an extremely lax veggie during my teen years and started eating meat again for convenience – and most probably to conform as eating a more plant-based diet was not as accessible and varied as it is now.

Some farm yard friends I made

My change to vegetarianism has honestly given me a new lease of life. I have more energy and haven’t felt the usual afternoon slump I get around 2pm that makes me want to shut my laptop and nap. With this newfound energy, I’ve been going to yoga more and finding it easier when I’m rushing to get the train after waking up late (that hasn’t changed). 

Cooking was something that I avoided as much as I could but now I am chopping veg, thinking about ways to make tofu more exciting and sticking post-it notes all over the Fearne Cotton cookbook my boyfriend bought for me. I’ve even managed to cook a meat-free Italian feast for my parents, which went down a treat! Instead of just grabbing whatever is easiest to eat, I’m actually thinking about what I’m putting into my body. I am taking time to prepare my lunches to take to work, making sure I have a balanced meal and snacks to keep me going.

Eating vegetarian is so much more exciting than eating meat, so any recommendations for vegetarian restaurants around Liverpool and beyond are welcomed with open arms. The point of this post was not to brag or shame anyone for not being veggie. There has been so much in the media and online in the past few years around going plant-based, eating less meat and generally being more eco-friendly with your diet, so I don’t need to list off the benefits of not eating animals. I am just genuinely proud of making this healthy change for myself and being able to feel the results.

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