Creators Corner: The Hippy Rose / @thehippyrose

The Hippy Rose handmade gorgeous, eco-friendly bags and accessories – all from Crosby! I asked founder Rose about how long she’s been creating, her influences and what The Hippy Rose are doing to make the world a little more plastic-free.

How long have you been making bags and accessories for? Was it always something you enjoyed doing?

“I have been making since I was about 11yrs. At school it was basic items like aprons, I then went on to make my own clothes, mainly from patterns but sometimes copied from clothes I already had. It was different when I was young as there wasn’t as much money especially for buying clothes because of fashion or for fun, so I decided to make them, you could buy some material whip up a maxi skirt in an hour and wear it going out that night.

I also knitted a lot. My mum used to make most of our clothes when we were young and knitted us some amazing jumpers so I developed my skills from her.  I then made clothes for Allie (Rose’s daughter is Liverpool-based blogger Allie Davies of Tie Dye Eyes) and still do on occasion. 

I only began making bags when I opened my Etsy shop “thehippyrose”.  At first it was mostly zip pouches plain, small elephant plush toys then I began to add detail better designs and shapes. From there I decided to make bigger bags for holidays, shopping and bags for fun/going out.  I used the knowledge I already had and did some research and good old YouTube tutorials. In fact the only thing I never mastered was crochet, so when I was 60 I decided it was time and so I learnt how to crochet and now most of the bags presently in my shop are crocheted.  I use different materials, from 100% cotton, macrame cord and lately Raffia.

I love how using different mediums can make such a difference to the same bag.  I also have a range of small dress bags using fabrics such as corduroy, satin and faux suede.”

Your stuff is so cute and on-trend.

Do you research what’s “in” or take inspiration from what you see on the high street? Or do you just wing it and create what appeals to you?

“I have often just “winged” it.  I take inspiration from people I see in life, I look at what they are wearing/ how they style themselves and how they use their bags. I like to look at fashion trends and often make bags that I would like to have for myself.  I also look at trend forecasts for the coming season and take inspiration from there and make them in my own style. Having Allie as my daughter is obviously inspirational and influential.”

The Hippy Rose is helping to reduce plastic waste. Do you have any tips for other Liverpool makers for being a bit more eco-friendly?

“I hope I am helping and encouraging others to think about what is happening to our planet and be aware of the situation. If we can all do something, no matter how small, then these small changes can collectively become big changes that will make a difference.

I try to source natural materials as much as I can, but I still have a long way to go. Every market bag sold and used for shopping will help stop multiple plastic bags being bought from supermarkets, saving our planet bag by bag and also save my customers money over the year by using their cotton bag and not buying plastic ones. A one-off cost of £12 compared to a years supply of plastic bags bought for the weekly shop.  This is why we decided to keep the price affordable for these bags.

Tips; step by step making changes however small, be it your packaging one month, your materials the next it all adds up.  For example, when I was making the cotton tote bags using pattern blocks following a question from a customer, I did some research and sourced vegan paints. From then that is what I use when making these bags.”

What is your favourite thing that you’ve made? Or your current favourite on your Etsy?

“I can’t just pick one item too many choices! A bridesmaid dress and Prom dress I made for Allie, a last minute “item” when she went to a Lady GaGa concert I had one nights notice, but she looked fab. A starfish was involved!? Anything elephant as they are my favourites and what I made when I opened my shop.

Current favourite; the market bags for helping people to reduce plastic. My grab bags made from 100% recyclable cotton cord for their simple beauty, fun and easy to wear.”

You can shop all things The Hippy Rose on Etsy here!

Check out how Allie styles the items on her Instagram here.

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