The Breakfast Club On Tour: Prague

You know when people say they need another holiday to get over a holiday? I feel that in my bones. It might be possible that I have a medical condition that requires me to go on holiday every two months or so. After a hectic hen do in Barcelona, I felt like a more chilled trip away was necessary. After all, they say travel is the only thing you buy that can make you richer.

Jon and I booked a few days in Prague, somewhere we’d never been before and I started Pintresting the best places to get some authentic Czech goulash!

Medieval Dining Experience at U Pavouka

A lifelong dream to eat at Medieval Times in America, and a tip from Wildflour Bakes, we booked a five course medieval dining experience on Viator for the evening we arrived in Prague.

A group of us met our guide near the Charles Bridge and walked a few minutes to U Pavouka, a medieval tavern in between the Old Town Square and the Power Tower.

We where seated on a long table of six with our starter of beetroot salad and bread already on the table, and where quickly offered wine or beer – did I mention the drinks are unlimited?

After everyone was given a drink, the show began with drums and bagpipes, followed by a bowl of soup and belly dancers. Oh, and more beer.

For a main course, you can choose from chicken, pork or a vegetarian option. We choose chicken which came with the tiniest bit of veg – lettuce and a slice of tomato, to be exact. After a main course was served a sword fighting show began, followed by more belly dancing (with fire and a snake!) then slices of sweet spongecake dusted with icing sugar.

I definitely wouldn’t say U Pavouka was a culinary experience but the show and atmosphere was worth it, and it’s a great option if you want to do something different.

Kutná Hora and Sedlec Ossuary (The Bone Church)

Kutná Hora is a town around an hour outside of Prague and is home to the Sedlec Ossuary – aka The Bone Church. We have wanted to see the Ossuary for so long and looked into guided tours and coach trips, but they were all a bit too out of our price range. Instead we pre-booked train tickets and decided to do our own tour of Kutná Hora.

It took around forty minutes to an hour to get to Kutná Hora by train, departing from Praha hl.n. station in Prague. When we got to the town, it was around a ten minute walk to the Sedlec Ossuary ticket office.

If you’re on a budget like we where, or don’t fancy spending the day with a tour group, travelling to Kutná Hora by train is a straight forward and inexpensive way to see the Bone Church. However be sure to check the train times and the weather as we missed our train back into Prague (they are every two hours) and I bought a sweatshirt from the Bone Church gift shop as I was not dressed for the chillier weather.

The Ossuary is definitely something to be seen! Decorated with over 40, 000 bones of people who believe the ground was holy ground. Audio and guided tours are available but we just marvelled at all the bones! The ticket we bought covered the entrance fee to the nearby St Barbara Church, which is also a sight to be marvelled at.

Food and Drink

Lokál Dlouhááá

When visiting anywhere, I always want to try the local cuisine or something traditional to the region. Lokál Dlouhááá is a dining hall, serving pints fresh from the tank and homemade food all day long.

It wasn’t too busy when we went early evening and got a table in the far end of the building. I ordered roast beef stew with bread dumplings and gravy, and Jon went for a similar dish but with a side of spinach. Both of us went for a dark beer and we couldn’t believe that two meals and two big beers only came to 441.00 Kč – £15.62 in British pounds!


It is impossible to walk around the streets of Prague and not see these spiral cones of delicious. I had a one filled with apple and cinnamon, and Jon had the works: chocolate and cream. A few more days in Prague and I have a feeling I’d have eaten a lot more of these. We ate ours while people watching on the street, but it would be perfect sitting down with a coffee.

Joystick Bar

When Jon and I are abroad we like to find either a heavy metal bar or an arcade bar. In Prague we found both but the hidden arcade bar Joystick was by far my favourite. Despite a few games not working and eating our coins, it was a chilled place to get a drink and kill an hour. My personal highlight included the Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein pinball machine – complete with Bobby De Niro as the title character. It has to be seen to be believed.

Notable Prague Sights

Charles Bridge

Probably one of the most famous sights in Prague, the Charles Bridge is lined with thirty statues of patron saints. Every time we crossed the Charles Bridge it was super busy so I’d suggest looking at it from one of the other bridges at either side or going super early in the morning.

David Černý Statues

Prague has so many weird and wonderful statues & sculptures by Czech artist David Černý. His work dotted around the city include The Babies in Kampa Park, Metalmorphsis and, Jon’s favourite, Piss outside of the Franz Kafka museum.

Astronomical Clock

Located in the Old Town Square, the astronomical clock sits on the wall of the Old Town Hall. The clock is the third oldest in the world and is ornately detailed. We weren’t lucky enough to see it chime but it’s a sight worth braving the crowds for – or sitting in one of the bars across with a beer.

I’d love to have had one more day to explore the Jewish quarter, try more traditional Czech food and drink more beer but it’s just an excuse to return to the beautiful city of Prague.

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