Creators Corner: Jess Hankinson / @jesshankoart

Like many people growing up in Liverpool during 90s/2000s, I spent many of my weekends at The Krazyhouse. K2 on Thursdays was my jam, but I was also partial to K1 when the occasion called for it.

My days of Krazyhouse All-Nighters and screaming along to Jimmy Eat World while clutching a can of Red Stripe are long behind me (okay, maybe not the latter) but I can relive my youth through an amazing original print by Liverpool artist, Jess Hankinson.

The Krazyhouse

Independent Liverpool recently posted Jess’ Krazyhouse print on their Instagram story and I clicked straight through to find out more. Her illustrations are bright, bold and weird – reminding me a lot of surrealist artist Polly Nor but with a Scouse twist.

When did you start illustrating? Have you always been artistic?

“I’ve always had a passion for drawing and been very creative all my life. I began studying Fine Art at The University Of Salford which brought new levels of experimentation to my work and my way of thinking. I then began to study Graphic Design and adapted my skills to a digital approach. In my final project, I looked in depth at the character behind the architecture of buildings around Liverpool and began to manipulate them in order to enhance this.”

Your designs are so abstract and bright. Who are your main influences and why?

“One of my biggest influences is David Hockney. I love his combination of geometric lines and bold, vivid acrylic. His paintings are so sleek and modern. My favourite painting of his is called ‘Peter Getting out of Nicks Pool’. I’m also hugely inspired by Kristen Liu Wong. She also uses very vivid flat colours and creates intriguing characters.”

I love the way you illustrate iconic and random buildings in Liverpool in a unique style. What is your favourite building that you’ve drawn? And is there a building that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet?

“I had so much fun drawing The Krazyhouse as my mind was buzzing with endless ideas for characters that I wanted to design. I love creating nostalgia and I would really love to draw a reimagining of Eric’s Club back in the day or The Grafton would be a fun one! I love finding out about lost gems in Liverpool and would love to bring back memories for everybody.”

Any advice to other Liverpool creators?

“I’d say keeping track of your ideas in a blog or notepad is really important. Anytime I’m struggling for ideas I’ll go through my notebooks and there’s always something there that inspires new thinking.”

You can follow Jess on Instagram and buy her prints from Etsy.

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