Breakfast Club on Tour: Barcelona

Last week I went to Barcelona! This is my third time visiting the city but I’d only really stuck to the touristy stuff before. During this trip I had my sister as my tour guide, as she does her year abroad, and lived like a local for a few days. This is a little post about what I got up to while I was there…

Food and Drinks

Picnic – We went to Picnic for breakfast one morning before exploring the city. I ordered Huevos Rancheros Picnic and it was amazing! Tortillas, scrambled eggs, ranchera sauce, guacamole and shrimp – everything was so fresh and it filled me up all day. Sophie ordered pancakes with bacon and eggs but she definitely had breakfast envy.

Bollocks Bar – I’ve wanted to go to Bollocks Bar for ages! Every time I go on holiday, I research heavy metal bars beforehand, and Bollocks has been on my go-to list for so long. €21 for two pints and two burgers; we got Flying V veggie burgers and they where delicious.

St Joseph Food Market – Just off the La Rambla and super busy but worth seeing is St Joseph food market. Stalls filled with fresh, enticing food of all types, it’s an excellent place to wander around and grab something to eat.

El Nacionale – A huge, Gatsby-esque dining and drinking hall in Passeig de Gracia. El Nacionale has four bars and four restaurants but we just popped in for a drink. The El Nacionale cocktail went down a treat.

Cafe 356 – Cafe 365 is a chain of cafes around the city, perfect for a quick pit stop. They sell amazing sandwiches, pastries and coffee – and reminded me of an upmarket, Barcelona Greggs.


Sagrada Famila – Okay, maybe this is super touristy but I’d never been inside before and it was spectacular. We where lucky enough to go up the Passion Tower and see the view. The Sagrada Famila is the building equivalent of Beyonce’s Halo and needs to be seen.

Santa Maria del Mar – from the outside, Santa Maria del Mar looks like a quaint cathedral. Inside, it’s a huge medieval masterpiece.

Citadel Park – Close to the Arc de Triumph and lovely place to chill after a exploring. Citadel Park has a rowing lake, a children’s play area and a beautiful monument with a waterfall. There’s also a giant elephant!


El Born – Somewhere I’d never explored before, El Born is full of cool bars, places to eat and street artwork. We popped into Bar El Born and I had possibly the best coffee of my entire life.

Port Vell/ La Barceloneta – After spending an hour at the aquarium, we strolled through Port Vell, stopping for beers, and then chilled on Barceloneta Beach. A perfect place to sit in the sun and people watch.

El Gotic – Possibly one of the most popular areas in Barcelona. I really enjoyed exploring in during the day, with its winding streets, but it does feel very different at night. My sister also took me to the fountain where Evanescence shot the video for “My Immortal” and my thirteen year-old self was THRILLED.

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