Mowgli does Brunch

I honestly think Mowgli is one of the best things to ever happen to Liverpool. With two restaurants in prime locations (Bold Street for a more intimate setting, Water Street for something bigger and bookable), new resturants opening all over the country, and founder Nisha Katona always popping up on weekend morning television, it’s safe to say a lot of people think Mowgli is one of the best food-based things to happen to Liverpool.

Last week Mowgli announced that its Bold Street restaurant are serving brunch for a weekend. I immediately made plans with my other half and waited patiently for Sunday morning to come. After trying Dostana’s gorgeous Indian breakfast, I was excited to see what Mowgli’s brunch would be like.

We arrived arround 11am and got seated immediately, enjoying how calm it was. Usually when I’ve been to Mowgli before it’s super busy, so it was nice to have a section to ourselves. After a quick look at the menu (we both decided pretty quickly) we ordered and enjoyed a relaxing Sunday morning coffee. I think one of my favourite things to do is have a leisurely brunch with a coffee of a weekend morning, and take the rest of the day as it comes.


I ordered the Smoke Back Mountain – a bacon butty with a Mowgli twist on some gorgeous bloomer bread. The bacon is cured with molasses, and topped with fresh tomato relish, spinach and delicious mint and corriandor chutney. Our server informed me that the ghee used on the bread was not diary-free, so I dipped my sandwich into the spiced potatoes and chickpeas that came with Jon’s breakfast.


Jon went for If Indian’s Did Full English. Beautifully presented on Mowgli’s signature silver plates. Everything was so fresh and colourful. If Indian’s Did Full English comes with molasses cured bacon, Bengal spiced scrambled eggs, spiced potatoes and wilted spinach. It also came with Darjeeling chickpeas and a soft roti bread.


Everything was quintessentially Mowgli – fresh, spicy, delicious and beautifully made. I really hope Mowgli make their brunch a regular staple as there’s so many dishes on the menu I want to try (Indian Rolled Eggs and Mango Mimosa, get in my belly). Fingers crossed!

You can find Mowgli on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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