El Bandito x Wahaca

On Thursday I was invited along to the launch of the El Bandito pop up at Wahaca. Becky from Eat Liverpool was lovely enough to let me be her plus one, and we set off for an evening of Mexican food and El Bandito’s classic cocktails.

The guys at El Bandito and Graffiti Spirits have passionately crafted cocktails with agave syrup. I’ve only ever had agave at home with hot drinks and stirred into porridge, but it went down a treat in a cocktail – Roots of Agave is FAB! The equally as fabulous Tomasina Miers, co-founder of Wahaca and all around cool gal, gave us a verbal history of agave and her love of authentic Mexican food. Agave is used with tequila to sweeten, and is native to Mexico and tropical areas of South America. El Bandito x Wahaca are also offering Bandito classics such as the TNT and El Diablo, with 150 bottles of agave to suit any taste or preference.

The food on offer was also on another level of delicious. Doing what Wahaca does best with nibbles and bar snacks full of authentic flavour and spices. The Mexico City Nachoes went down a treat at our table, and I loved the pork quesadillas with black beans and feta cheese. Wahaca know what they’re doing when it comes to quesadillas.


El Bandito at Wahaca will last for three months, and is open from Wednesday to Sunday – so make sure you get there quick before the residency is over!


A huuuge shout out and thank-you to Tomasina and Mark from Wahaca, and John & Matt from Graffiti Spirits and El Bandito for putting on such a vibrant and delicious event. Also shout out to Eat Liverpool for inviting me as her plus one. 

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