5 Things to do in Liverpool this Autumn

Summer is over, there’s a chill in the air and soon the leaves will be turning brown and crunchy. Autumn is such a good season to squeeze in some fun activies before winter hits. Luckily enough, Liverpool has some great things to do this autumn (or fall, if you prefer) and this is a little guide to five fun things that are going on…

Walk on water with Aurora at Toxeth Reservior


Aurora is an experience like no other. Step inside the cave-like vaults of Toxteth Reservoir for a 40-minute ‘walk on water’. Through dark chambers and between towering iron arches, water surrounds, floods and falls around you, both beautiful and terrifying. The sights, sounds and wonder of an ice cave, a tropical rainforest and monsoons unfold before you. 

From 21st September to 7th October, Toxeth Reservoir has been transformed by FACT and Invisible Flock. You can purchase tickets from here.

Have an throw back night in and rent a DVD

How exciting was taking a trip to your local video shop or Blockbuster to rent a new film? Or something you’d watched over and over again to the point that the VHS was worn out? (Mine was Ghostbusters, and I eventually bought it off the video shop)

Snips Movies

Snips Movies are bringing back the classic video shop. With 11,000 titles to choose from; films from early Charlie Chaplin to 1920s cinema and 1990s action blockbusters. Owner Dave gets ten to twelve new releases each week, which is something popular streaming services don’t really offer.

Snips Movies can be found on Facebook and are based in Bebington, Wirral.

Get spooky at Sefton Park Palm House

The Palm House in Sefton Park is host to so many different events, from weddings to yoga classes and craft markets. This Halloween they are showing some classic spooky films including Hocus Pocus, Nightmare On Elm Street and Gremlins.


Tickets can be purchases from the Palm House website here but some showings are already sold out so hurry if you want to catch one!

Greet The Giants as they return to the city

The Giants are returning to Liverpool – and visiting the Wirral too! From Thursday 4th October to Sunday 7th October, Royal De Luxe will be bringing the beloved Giants back to town for the final time. Everything is under wraps at the moment, but judging by previous years, this is going to be spectular. 2018’s visit is titled Liverpool’s Dream.


You can find everything you need to know about the Giant’s return from their website.

Marathon The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror

After their sold out screening of the best Curb Your Enthustiasm episodes, Liverpool Noise are back with The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror Screaming Night. With the help of Yeah Buddy DIY, 81 Renshaw will play host to the best Treehouse of Horror episodes. There’s also going to be a quiz to test your Simpsons knowledge (honestly, see you in the pit), prizes to win and spooky food and drink.


Get your tickets from Skiddle or visit Liverpool Noise’s website for more info.

Are there any events happening around the city that you’re excited for? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter and Instagram 



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