Home Sweet Home, Manchester

The Northern Quarter is one of my favourite places to explore when in Manchester. It’s full of super cute shops (like Magma), cool bars (shout out to Cain & Grain) and wonderful places to eat (too many to link here). Home Sweet Home is one of those places.

With two locations in Manchester, Home Sweet Home serves delicious breakfasts and brunch, as well as cakes and sweet treats. It’s like an American diner with a quirky British twist. They also do bigger plates and evening dishes, but I’ve only ever had breakfast there.

We booked a table as both locations get really busy, especially of a weekend. We arrived early and got seated immediately, browsing the menu for our post-Britney breakfast – yes, I’m just casually dropping in that I finally got to see living legend Britney Spears at the weekend. We ordered drinks, a soy flat white for Sophie and a latte with soy milk for me, and settled on what to eat. When eating at HSH I’ve previously opted for the pancakes but this time I wanted something less sweet. I ordered the Veggie Breakfast (£9.50) and Sophie ordered the Full Breakfast (£9.50).

The Veggie Breakfast comes with scrambled eggs, veggie sausage, grilled tomatoes, flat mushroom, beans, sourdough toast and some delicious veggie black pudding. Honestly, it was one of the best vegetarian breakfasts I’ve had in a while. Everything about it was so good and it stood by me for the rest of the day without making me feel too full.

Sophie’s Full Breakfast was equally as delicious. Scrambled eggs, tomatoes, sausage patty, baked beans, mushroom, sourdough toast – the works. Sophie ordered her’s without bacon, and asked for black pudding.

We ordered a second coffee because the first was so nice, and sat in a post-breakfast glow. If you’re in Manchester I’d definitely recommend Home Sweet Home in either locations, although the Great Nothern HSH is a lot bigger, if theres a few of you dining. The staff are super friendly and we couldn’t fault the service, food or coffee.

Home Sweet Home have a website here, and can be found on Twitter and Instagram

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