Morning Noon Night

After having a wonderful brunch at Blooming Skull Coffee, I wanted to see if the Wirral had anymore breakfast delights up it’s sleeve. Nestled on the high street in the historic market town of Neston, Morning Noon Night offers something from morning to, well, night.

We popped in on a rainy Wednesday for some breakfast, immediately eyeing up the fresh bakes and pasteries on the counter. With two large comfy seats in the window, and an more seating upstairs, Morning Noon Night caters to all sorts of diners and party sizes. We nabbed a table at the back of the cafe, next to a lovely wall of fairy lights, and browsed the menu for our breakfast.

I was very, very tempted by the Warming Bowl (porridge made with almond milk, golden sultanas and muscavado sugar) and the Chocolate Toast (toasted brioche with home-made chocolate and hazelnut spread & sea salt) but I decided to be a healthy bish and ordered the Moroccan Bowl (£7). Jon had settled on the Brunch Bun (a sausage pattie with Korean ketchup on a broiche bun) but changed his mind when he saw the board behind the counter, offering fry-ups. He ordered the MNN Fry (£7.95) and we both orderd our respective coffees of choice: mine, a latte with almond milk, and Jon, a black coffee.

The food came fairly quickly and looked beautiful on the plate. I Instagram almost every breakfast (here’s the link to follow me) but this was an ideally Instagrammable breakfast. Lots of different colours, presented perfectly – a lot like Morning Noon Night it’s self.

The MNN Fry-up had it all: sausasge, grilled tomato, bacon, fried egg on top of sourdough toast, delicious homemade beans, mushrooms and chipped potatoes. MNN also cater to veggies and vegans with different versions of their fry-up. Not too much on the plate but just enough to fill you up for most of the day.


The Moroccan Bowl consisted of crushed squash, avocado, beetroot, tomatoes, corguettes, lentils and some toast to scoop it all up. I felt like just looking at it I was getting my five-a-day. However I was expecting it to be a warm dish and was slightly disappointed when I discovered it was chilled on my first spoon full. The squash and the beetroot where lovely together, and I spread the avacado on the toast, but I couldn’t help but feel breakfast envy for Jon’s hot plate of Full English.

Maybe I should have asked for it to be warmed up? I felt a bit silly asking for this colourful bowl of goodness to be stuck in the microwave, so I didn’t. However I ordered a lovely breakfast dessert of banana loaf (£3) homade with butter and honey, and warm. It was a thin slice but just enough to give me the warmness (and possibly sugar?) I wanted. Jon ordered a jaffa cake slice to takeaway, and it came in a cute little hand-stamped brown bag!


Overall Morning Noon Night is a cute little joint, that I would love to return to and order something I really want. As well as breakfasts, they do cocktails – or as the menu refers to them as, “tipples” – various specials and Sunday Roasts.


Morning Noon Night have a website that can be found here.

They are also on Facebook and Instagram.




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