Oliver’s Pantry, Ripon

While staying in a yurt outside of the adorable little Yorkshire town of Ripon, we thought it would be rude not to explore such a lovely, postcard-perfect place. Oliver’s Pantry is a cute little cafe just off the high street in Ripon. It’s quirky decor and outdoor seating area, and friendly, chatty staff welcome you in, and the food on the menu keeps you in.

I ordered Oliver’s Full English (£7.10) with an almond milk latte, and Jon got a black coffee and Eggs Benedict (£5.95). The sausages on my breakfast where locally sourced and AMAZING. Everything was so fresh and cooked with care.


Oliver’s Pantry have wide selection of sweet treats but we had our eyes on the Brown & Blond brownies. A member of staff told me that George from Brown & Blond makes and supplies Oliver’s with the brownies. Jon ordered a brown Terry’s chocolate orange brownie and I got myself a Blond peanutbutter brownie. Both went down a treat with a cup of coffee.

As well as having delcious food and friendly staff, Oliver’s Pantry played two of the hottest jams ever: “One Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton and “Rock DJ” by Robbie Williams. We also met a really good dog called Ash, who popped in with his owner to escape the heat. Oliver’s Pantry a definite pitstop if you’re in Yorkshire or nearby.


Oliver’s Pantry have a website here. They can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Brown & Blond have a website, and can be found on Twitter and Instagram

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