Brew & Brownie Bakeshop, York

On a recent staycation to Yorkshire my boyfriend and I stayed in a yurt, BBQ’d, chopped our own wood for the outdoor hot tub, and enjoyed a morning coffee outside in the field every morning; listening to the birds and smelling the clear countryside air. While enjoying the great outdoors, with all the comforts of glamping, we also stayed a night in a hotel in York. York is one of my favourite cities and I was excited to drink in haunted pubs, walk around the cobbled streets, and, of course, eat breakfast!

Brew & Brownie is opposite the beautiful museum gardens, with big windows full of their homemade bakes inviting you in. The chic, minimal interior immediately made me feel relaxed, ready to get out of the #FurnanceFriday heat and enjoy some brunch.

Brew & Brownie have a concise and small menu, with a number of freshly baked pasteries and cakes on their counter. We sat down and mulled over the menu on the comfy cushioned benches, watching locals pop in for their morning takeaway coffees.

I ordered a sourdough bacon toastie (£6.95) with an almond milk macchiato (£2.10), with a homemade cinnamon bun (£2.50) because I cannot resist a sweet treat after breakfast. Jon ordered the local organic granola with fruit & yoghurt (£4.50) with a black coffee (£2.30) and a pain au raisin (£2.25) from the selection on the counter.


The breakfast was filling and fresh, setting us up from a day of exploring the city in the heat. Not many people where sitting in but the staff behind the counter where constantly serving people for takeaway orders. The cinnamon bun I had was huuuge and on par with the one Starbucks where doing a few Christmasses ago – it was delicious!


I tweeted about this the other day but when writing these posts, I always feel bad for not talking to the staff or owners of the places I eat in and it’s something I need to start doing more. I feel like a lot of the places I visit have history and character, and I want to start incorperating that into my posts. I hope the places I post about don’t think I’m being rude but I’m usually just super hungry when I visit!



Brew & Brownie are on Instagram and Facebook, and have a website that can be found here. 


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