Dockside Dining Club

During the past few years, the Albert Dock has gained some wonderful places to eat and drink. With Liverpool One and the commercial district just a few minutes walk away, it’s no longer a huge mission to get to, and there is something so relaxing about watching the River Mersey while enjoying a good meal and a drink. The Royal Albert Dock is one of my favourite places in Liverpool. It’s beautiful on a chilly day in winter and even more gorgeous on a sunny day like Saturday.

Dockside Dining Club is a brand new addition to Mann Island, sitting it’s self next door to the creative hub of Avenue HQ and directly opposite the Museum of Liverpool. We popped in on Saturday afternoon, just before the football and during the Irish festival, when the food hall was relatively quiet and chilled.


We did a lap around, taking in all of different tastes and stalls to choose from. As with the also recently opened Grand Central Food Bazaar, it is easy to compare Dockside Dining Club with the Baltic Market. Dockside Dining Club has more of a theme than the Baltic Market, with its pastel 80s colour scheme, but it’s brightly decorated stalls make it less interchangeable than the blank canvas of the Baltic Market. The outdoor seating right next to the waterfront is a huge bonus, and I even got my sun fearing boyfriend to sit outside for more than twenty minutes in the sun! (The toffee nut milkshake from Caffe Cream also really helped).

Since it was quiet, I feel like we really got to stroll around and take in all of the menus on offer. We settled on a pizza from the excellently named Miami Slice for food, and a very helpful barman suggested a lovely grapefruit IPA that went perfectly. I also got an Aperol Spritz, my new favourite summer time beverage, and sat outside on the pink pastel couch, and watched the sun shine sparkle on the water in the docks. This is something that really sets the DDC out from Liverpool’s other food halls, and with the weather we’re having lately, I think it will be harder to get an alfresco seat next time we visit.

Dockside Dining Club is open now, and will be open every day from 8am to 11pm.


Dockside Dining Club can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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