Summer Gin Party

On Monday night I indulged in some drinking on a school night, and went to Forgot Marketing’s Summer Gin Party at The Chancery. Along with Keanu Reeves films and afternoon naps, gin is my favourite thing ever and my beverage of choice, so I could not wait to see what was on offer.

The entire upstairs of the restaurant was filled with all different types of gin, from near and far, and a number of Schweppes tonics to mix them. Our first stop was the table for GinRaw, a Barcelona brewed gin that tasted amazing with Schweppes tonic and ice. It had a crisp, classic taste that wasn’t too “ginny.” We also got a chance to smell some of the fragrances that go into GinRaw use to make their gin unique and decided that they would make lovely candles.

Our next stop was Cane & Bean 1870, a five year aged rum infused with a cacao. I’m not usually a big rum drinker but I really enjoyed this and the other rum on offer. I had mine with a Schweppes ginger beer and it went down a treat. Charlotte opted for a sloe gin from Kapriol Dry Gin, which would make a perfect summer cocktail. We also tried the Dry Gin with a Schweppes cucumber tonic – which was a complete game changer. Both complimented each other so well and made me think I need to branch out into tonics other than my usual favourite elder-flower.

One of the most popular gins on offer was Gin De Charente 77, an intense gin with a 77% volume (hence the name). This was a bit too strong for me but I did enjoy the London Dry Batch (with a smaller volume of 40%) with some tonic water and a slice of cucumber.

Tucked away in another room, Brugal had an assortment of rum and mixers to sample. Charlotte went for a white rum and coke, and I opted for a dark rum (but did sample the white rum too). As I said, I am not usually a rum drinker, but this went down very, very smooth.

It was a fab night and so nice to learn about all the different drinks and how they’re made. It was also cool having all the new Schweppes tonics to discover, and a little book full of cocktail recipes and pairings for each different tonic. I’ll definitely be thinking outside of the box next time I order a gin and tonic.

A big thank-you to Forgot Marketing for inviting us and The Chancery for hosting.


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