Cat Cafe Liverpool

I’m interrupting my regular scheduled posting about food to blog about C A T S.

Liverpool recently gained it’s very own Cat Cafe and it is wonderful – or should I say, purrrfect. Imagine a fancy townhouse that serves drinks and snacks, but is also full of the cutest, fluffiest, most beautiful cats you’ve ever seen. Sitting pretty on Bold Street, the Cat Cafe hosts three floors of cosy, kitsch kitten decor and twenty adorable balls of fur.

Myself and friend/ fellow cat enthusiast Carol went after work on Monday to CATch up and see what all the fuss was about. We booked in advanced and paid £12 each for an hour of unlimited hot and cold drinks and a whole hour to roam up and down the three floors, taking as many pictures as we please, making as many feline friends as we could.

We arrived a little early for our allocated slot but got to go in earlier, after being talked through the house rules of the Cat Cafe and signing a waiver to say we understand. Our bags where then checked into a cloakroom, we donned some snazzy blue bags over our shoes (to which I made this Simpsons reference at any and every given chance) and entered what can only be described as a cat lovers dream.

For the first thirty minutes of our hour slot, we did just roam about, taking pictures and awww’ing at various sleeping/ playing/ climbing kitties. We ordered hot drinks (me – an almond milk flat white, Carol – a hot chocolate) and took a seat in one of the gorgeous bay windows on a human couch. I’m not ashamed to admit that I asked a member of staff if the couch was for human use. We watched Dobby, the hairless Sphynx, eat some treats while a few other cats slept in various places around us.

It wasn’t until our final half an hour that we really got to experience what the Cat Cafe had to offer. A beautiful, fluffy ginger baby called Copper fell asleep on my lap and I have never felt so warm and fuzzy inside in my entire life. Carol bonded with a beautiful black cat who was IDENTICAL to Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service. The lovely pair of friends enjoying the feline filled moment with us each befriended Isabelle – the most floofiest and cutest cat I’ve ever seen – and Sebastian the Siamese. It was PEAK CAT CAFE.

Liverpool Cat Cafe believe that cats can help us chill out and slow down. I did feel so relaxed after visiting and had a excellent nights sleep. It was comforting to have a small, fluffy, sleepy creature choose me as it’s pillow. As an animal lover but somebody who has not really been around cats, it was enjoyable and I appreciated that cats are unique and do things on their terms. Cats just know self-care: they sleep for around eighteen hours a day, demand attention when they want it, spend hours grooming themselves, and do whatever they want, when they want. Cats are basically living the dream!

Liverpool Cat Cafe may not be somewhere I’d chose for a coffee and a bagel, but I would go as a treat and a novelty. Maybe stay away if you’re allergic but otherwise, Liverpool Cat Cafe is somewhere to go that I’d recommend to cat people and dog people.


Liverpool Cat Cafe are open until 8pm every day except for Tuesday, when they are closed. It cost £12 each per hour (unlimited drinks included) and it’s recommended that you book in advanced – I don’t think I’ve seen the place without a huge queue/ crowd of people outside. Every five minutes over the hour you spend in the Cat Cafe is billed. 

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