Liverpool Chilli Carnival

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A few weekends ago I visited the Chilli Carnival at the Bombed Out Church. I feel like Liverpool’s food & drink festival scene has really stepped up its game this year, and the Liverpool Chilli Carnival was no exception. Boasting a number of vendors from around the UK and local favourites, the Chilli Carnival was a spice lover’s dream and catered to people who prefer to take a walk on the mild side too.

We arrived at the festival, got ourselves some beers (including an impulsively/ poorly chosen chilli-infused beer by me) and visited Chilli Bob’s stand to learn all about their homegrown chilli. Chilli Bob is a family run chilli farm in the East Midlands, making some of the most delicious chilli-based sauces, chutneys and condiments you’ve ever tasted.

We also visited the Howl at The Moon stand and immediately purchased a bottle of their Spiced Breakfast sauce, that I have put on every Saturday morning sausage butty I’ve had since. I popped by A Tavola’s stand, and got myself some vegan chilli nachos from Smithdown Road’s Evil Eye Burrito – which I would definitely recommend. Inside the church (which I’d never been inside of before) was an chilli eating competition, with some very brave people taking part to win goodies.

This post is a bit of a different one since the Chilli Carnival was a few weeks ago, so I apologise for the minimal details. I did start drafting a post the Monday following the carnival, but I am still trying to work out my blog/work/life balance. HOWEVER I feel like I’ve got some really exciting things planned for The Breakfast Club Blog and I can’t wait to get started on them. Thanks for reading!


Chilli Bob have a website that can be found here, and an Instagram.

Howl at The Moon Hot Sauce have a website that can be found here, and are on Instagram too.

Evil Eye Burrito’s Facebook can be found here, as well as their Instagram

A Tavola’s website can be found here and I post I wrote about their first birthday party can be found here.

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