Blooming Skull Coffee

On Sunday I ventured over the water to brunch at the Blooming Skull Coffee in Bebington. Across the road from the picturesque Port Sunlight, Blooming Skull Coffee has a delicious vegan and veggie friendly menu, and beautifully minimal interior. Despite my boyfriend being from the Wirral, we never tend to seek out breakfast places there. After seeing Blooming Skull on Instagram, we immediately decided to pay it a visit.

When we arrived at 11:30am, Blooming Skull was busy with people enjoying the warm weather. We took a table in the middle of the cafe and looked over the menu. I ordered an iced soy latte (£2.30) to start and Jon went for his usual Americano (£2). The menu is concise and everything comes beautifully presented. I ordered the Vegan Plate (£6.00) with a side of halloumi (£1.50), and Jon ordered the Hummus & Halloumi on toast (£5.00).

The staff are super friendly and the food came in good time. The Vegan Plate is make up of sourdough bread, olives, sliced avocado, tomato, hummus and homemade beans. It went down a treat and has given me some ideas for breakfasts to do at home. Everything was fresh, and I kept telling myself that halloumi is low in lactose so it’s okay to have as a cheesy treat.

After we’d finished breakfast, we could not resist a sweet treat from the counter. Jon ordered a slice of blueberry & orange cake and I went for a homemade peanut butter cup. They where both fabulous. Another thing that is fabulous is the artwork around Blooming Skull. My favourite was the The X Files “I Want To Believe” patch and the framed tattoo designs hung on the wall. They also had an excellent playlist (Weezer and old school Avril Lavigne is always a winner).

Blooming Skull Coffee is only a short walk from Bebington station and makes for a perfect starting point before visiting Port Sunlight or the Lady Lever art gallery. They are also dog friendly, which is a huge plus for me. They can be found on Facebook and Instagram.


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