A Tavola’s 1st Birthday Party

Tucked away off Duke Street, A Tavola is a little taste of Italy in the heart of Liverpool. The deli and wine bar is a beautiful hidden gem, stocked with all of the ingredients you need to make a fine Italian meal, as well as offering cooking master classes to help you perfect your culinary skills. A Tavola caters for all tastes: the bar is open all day for authentic Italian wine and coffee, and hosts weekly wine tasting events.

We where invited to celebrate A Tavola’s first birthday by the lovely Chris, who welcomed us with prosecco and explained what A Tavola is all about. Under the same umbrella group as Il Forno and Bold Street favourite Crust, A Tavola offers the city something different in terms of Italian food. The team put on an amazing spread, all made from the authentic organic Italian products they stock, and we got to learn a bit more about what A Tavola want to do for Italian culture in Liverpool.

A Tavola is Liverpool’s first one-stop-shop for all things Italian, from fresh pasta to preserves and prosecco, and is a beautiful deli that makes you feel like you’re actually in Italy. A Tavola is behind Il Forno in Madison Square off Duke Street, and is well worth a visit. They have a website that can be found here, and a Twitter and Instagram.

A big thank-you to Chris and all the team at A Tavola for having us. I’m super excited to return, stock up on your vegan cheese and sourdough bread, and sip an Aperol Spritz or two.


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