Muster Custom Coffee

Located in the Ropewalks area of town, Muster Custom Coffee is a relaxed and industrially decorated coffee shop. Tucked away on Argyle Street, set back from the busyness of Liverpool One, we came to Muster early on a sunny afternoon to get some brunch before a day of enjoying the weather. Rays of natural sunlight, exposed brick walls and friendly staff greeted us as we sat down and looked over the menu.

Muster have a small but concise menu of breakfast and lunch food, as well as freshly made coffee that tastes as good as it smells. I went for the classic dippy eggs and toast (£3.95) with an iced soy milk latte and Jon opted for an Americano and Eggs Benedict (£6.75). I also ordered the peanut butter and jelly American pancakes (£6.50) for a little breakfast dessert.

The coffee shop was busy but relaxed, everybody was happy to have a sunny Saturday on their hands. After a short wait, our food arrived and we spared no time doing the “egg test.” Jon’s Eggs Benedict passed the runny yolk test, and also had some spinach thrown into the mix. My Dippy Eggs put my home made ones to shame (I always boil for six minutes but it’s never as runny as I want them to be), with the yolk soft but the egg whites firm enough to easily scoop out with a spoon.

After our “main course” we shared the pancakes. I love peanut butter and the jelly (jam) is a perfect, sugary partner for it. The pancakes where thick but still light and fluffy, making us feel full but not too full.

Muster Custom Coffee is the perfect place for catching up with friends over brunch, or tackling life admin with a coffee on your laptop or phone – the tables have plugs AND USB ports! You can find them on Twitter and Facebook, or just walking a few yards away from Duke Street.


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