Liverpool Spring Festival Preview

The weekend of 28th and 28th April, Sefton Park is host to something I like to call “Food Glasto”, but it’s official name is the Liverpool Spring Festival. A whole field dedicated to some of Liverpool’s best food and drink vendors, as well as farm animals, yoga workshops, fairground rides and cooking showcases.

Here is a little throwback post to my highlights of last year/ preview post of whats to come in 2018.

Piggie Smalls

Honestly, eating these hot dogs is like going to church or the feeling after you’ve just seen a really beautiful sunset. With dishes named Amy Swinehouse, Pig Daddy Kane, and King Of New Pork, Piggie Smalls serves mouthwatering hot dogs and sides, that will make you think about them for years after the first bite.

Neon Jamon

Some of the best tapas outside of Spain, Neon Jamon makes for a perfect starter before finding your main course. I would recommend the Habas Fritas and some of the best croquettes I’ve ever had. Neon Jamon also do amazing meat and bread platters that go perfectly with an Estrella or three.

Senor Churro 

The first sweet treat on the list, Senor Churro knows how to make a good churro. Teamed with a coffee from cafe vendors Crosby Coffee or Space Coffee, all that sugar will be a little pick me up until the next stop.

Space Coffee

Space Coffee

I’d heard good things about this Aigburth Road gem but first encountered them at last year’s festival. Hot fresh coffee and SO many delicious cakes and cookies, I will be revisiting their stall this year. I  hope the have some dairy free milk options but a black coffee with two sugars is always a winner.

2018 is also the first year the festival will be going completely plastic free!!! 

Tickets for the festival are available from the website here, and you can follow all the festival updates and announcements on Facebook and Twitter.


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