Breakfast Club On Tour: Berlin

Hallo! I’ve just got back from Berlin, where my boyfriend and I celebrated our six year anniversary with lots of cheap German beer, exploring the city and quoting Freddy Got Fingered as we tucked into sausage platters.

We spent two days staying in Mitte, a cute and central district of the city, perfect for exploring. We had breakfast included with our hotel stay, so this is a little post about all the non-breakfast foods that I ate and a few shout outs to cool places we visited.

Paule’s Metal Eck

A fantastically decorated (bronze statues of Satan and a dragon bust, anyone?) metal bar, that serves two pints for €7.20. What more could you ever need?!

Flohmarkt at Mauerpark

Despite only visiting for a few hours before catching our flight home, the Sunday flea market at Mauerpark was one of my favourite places that we visited. A huge gathering of antiques, clothing stalls, handmade trinkets and so many record stands, it’s a weekly event that gathers huge crowd. Despite the freezing wind, I could have happily browsed the stalls in between Gluhwein breaks.

Our lives where changed by currywurst and applestrudle – two of the quintessential foods to try in Berlin. There’s even a museum dedicated to currywurst because it’s that good!

Liza loves a currywurst too
Even Liza loves a currywurst!


*Just a warning for people with peanut allergies – Brammibal’s make all of their donuts with peanut oil* If you are looking for donuts while in Berlin, look no further than Brammibal’s. An all-vegan coffee shop, serving some of the lightest and fluffiest donuts I have ever tasted. Very different to the donuts we had from Firecakes in Chicago, Brammibal’s donuts are a perfect snack with the fresh coffee they serve – but I would not say no to eating an entire box. Brammibal’s also do an amazing vegan grilled cheese sandwich that I would happily jump back on the plane to eat. *Again, please check all the allergy information, as the donuts are made in peanut oil*

DDR Museum

The DDR Museum is all about in East Berlin living under the Ministry of State Security (NOT the Nazi regime which I thought the museum was about). You can explore a whole town during a time where the DDR was number one and everything was under their watch.

We went on a Saturday and it was super busy, but still worth a visit and your full attention. My favourite bits where the house you could explore, complete with a little model of Bruce Springsteen preforming in the children’s bedroom.

East Side Gallery

Another amazing and completely unique sight to Berlin. I’m going to let these pictures do the talking as it needs to be seen if you’re in Berlin:

Not a breakfast in sight but I really enjoying doing posts like these. Probably because I really haven’t been up to much in between our trip to Chicago and this one? Please let me know what you think and let me know if there’s any breakfast places around Liverpool that I need to try.


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