East Avenue Bakehouse

East Avenue Bakehouse is a bakery that’s so much more than the delicious bread and pastries it provides its customers. Serving seasonal specials, East Avenue Bakehouse is perfect place for any meal if you want fresh, local produce.

East Avenue Bakehouse sits atop of Bold Street and it’s always packed. Before deciding to make a reservation, we’d always see the queue out of the door and bypassed for somewhere else. I feel like this is breaking the golden rule of eating out – if there’s a queue out of the door every time you go to eat somewhere, it is definitely a place worth booking a table for.

We arrived for breakfast, of course, on Saturday morning at around half eleven. We were seated and given menus, eyeing up all of the different options to taste. I’m not going to lie, usually a big menu scares me but East Avenue have put so much effort into sourcing and preparing their food, a detailed list of what’s on offer is welcome.

I ordered the Bold Street Brunch (£15.95), opting for the boozy version with a glass of prosecco, and Jon ordered The Ultimate (£7.50) with a side of local Old Rainford sausage (£1.95). We also ordered some granary toast (£1.95) to share (sadly they’d ran out of sourdough bread) and Jon went for a black coffee.

The Bold Street Brunch is a selection of EAB’s finest from their breakfast menu. It comes with freshly made toast and mini pastries, a poached egg and bacon, sausage and a granola bowl topped with natural yogurt and fruit compote. You can get a version without prosecco for £11.25 but I felt like celebrating the weekend. I’m glad I chose something that allowed me to sample all of what EAB has to offer breakfast wise. Everything tasted great and having a mini pastry to finish it off was a little treat. I’m also glad Jon got an extra sausage as a side because one was not enough – they’re amazing! The Bold Street Brunch also comes in a veggie option for all the non-meat eating gals.

The Ultimate feels like a deconstructed full English. It consists of smoked bacon, Bury black pudding, tomatoes and mushroom piled on a slice of homemade bread with poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Although the black puddings where tiny, they were delicious and full of flavour. The Ultimate also comes as a veggie option called The Ultimatum and is perfect if you want a filling breakfast but not a full English.

East Avenue Bakehouse can be found on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Their website is here and I’m definitely recommend booking in advance if you’re planning to eat at a peak time. Their selection of tasty baked goods can be taken away and they sell freshly made loafs, if you fancy something different at home and want to support a local business.


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