Breakfast Club On Tour: Paris

Bonjour! Last week my boyfriend and I spent two days in Paris to celebrate our anniversary. Paris is one of my favourite places in the whole entire wold. I love everything about it but one of my most favourite things is the food. I could happily eat my way around the city (and all of France) and still want to go back and eat some more.


Even though we where only there a short while, I researched into numerous places to eat breakfast, like I do with everywhere I go. The two places I’m going to talk about here are Fragments and Coquelicot.

Fragments is an amazing and petite cafe in the Marais area of the city. It was a short walk away from our hotel and then around a twenty minute walk away from Notre-Dam. We arrived around 9:30am to find Fragments busy with Parisians enjoying their morning coffees and a record playing. We sat down and looked at the menu, which is listed on a chalkboard behind the counter. For some reason (possibly hunger) I did not take enough pictures of either of these places but there’s so much to Instagram in Fragments, it’s fabulous. Next to the menu board there is a huge vintage poster of a Bruce Lee poster, which I have no idea why I didn’t immediately take a picture and post it. Oh well.


I ordered the scrambled eggs and toast, while Jon opted for the granola bowl. We also ordered two filter coffees which reminded us exactly how amazing European coffee is. Our food arrived in good time, and it was nice to sit and soak up the atmosphere before a busy day of exploring. The food at Fragments was so fresh and delicious, it was perfect.

You can find Fragments on Instagram @fragmentsparis and on Facebook.

Our next breakfast spot was in Montmare, another beautiful area of Paris. We had a walking tour planned for that morning, so we did some research before leaving the hotel and discovered Coquelicot, a short walk away from Abbesses metro station.

Coquelicot is a bakery with seats and serves breakfast all day. We sat at a table upstairs and looked over the menus. The crowd was a mixture of tourists and locals, and the smells floating up from the bakery downstairs where so promising. Jon and I both ordered one of the petit-déjeuner formulas from the menu, that consisted of a bowl of coffee (!!!), two slices of traditional baguette, jam & honey, a glass of orange juice, and the best slice of bread I have ever tasted.

Coquelicot was the quintessential Parisian breakfast. The bread and jam alone where amazing and filling, and I feel like a bowl of coffee is the best start to any day. We even purchased croissants and pan au chocolat from the bakery to eat later. They also do a brunch menu which I’d love to try next time we visit. Coquelicot has a website that can be found here.

A few places I also found while researching breakfasts in Paris are: Holybelly, Le Tambour, Cafe Pinson, and Cafe Kitsune.

Au revoir for now!


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