Clockworks is a hidden gem. Tucked away in Wolstenholme Square, it’s an easy place to miss when roaming around the Ropewalks area. I had the pleasure of being invited to sample their breakfast menu, and used my Sunday off to do just that.

Jon and I arrived at around 10am, excited to sit inside away from the cold and enjoy a hot coffee. We where greeted and seated by the lovely Jordan, who would later tells us all about the joys of a proper Scottish full English and the hangover cure that is a Bloody Mary.

We studied the menu and discussed how trying a full English is a true Breakfast Club Blog Test (can I coin this phrase?) of a new place. We ordered and enjoyed our coffee, admiring the very speak-easy/steam punk decor of Clockworks. It wasn’t long before our meals arrived, hot and presented beautifully.

I ordered the vanilla fresh stacked waffles, with crispy bacon and maple syrup (£7) and Jon went for the true Breakfast Club Blog Test: the Carnivore full English (£8). Jordan told us how their breakfasts are fried and not grilled, keeping in all of the flavor in but without being greasy. The Carnivore consists of bacon, sausage, black pudding, potato cake, mushrooms, baked beans, eggs however you want them, and toast. You can also get a veggie version, aptly named the Herbivore, if you’re not a meat eating gal.

I did experience some breakfast envy until I tried the crispy bacon on my waffles. Whoever first poured maple syrup over bacon is a genius. I am obsessed with super crispy bacon,  and Jordan explained how they fry their bacon but leave enough fat on it to make it delicious but not tough.

Jordan offered us some Bloody Mary’s but we politely declined (for now I’m definitely more of a Mimosa gal). However next time I’m feeling a bit fragile from the night before, I think a Carnivore breakfast and a Bloody Mary at Clockworks would sort me right out.

You can find Clockworks opposite where the Kazimier once stood (RIP). As well as breakfast, they have a lunch & evening menu, and an impressive little cocktails menu. I think it would be a cute place for a date and I’m eager to try their pie and a pint deal.

Online, you can find Clockworks on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks again to Tom, Jordan and the Clockworks team. We will definitely be back soon!


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