Love Thy Neighbour

On Saturday I had the day off and successfully got myself out of bed before 10am to finish off my Christmas shopping. My boyfriend and I got into town before the crowds, got everything on our list, and where sitting in Bold Street’s newest addition, Love Thy Neighbour, all before twelve.

Love Thy Neighbour popped up a few weeks ago and immediately caught my attention. At the top of Bold Street, it’s clear open windows and minimalist inside are exactly what I need after a morning of Christmas shopping in the hectic city centre.

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Jon and I arrived and sat down, greeted by a friendly waitress that took our coffee order within a few minutes. We mulled over the menu and decided to both get the mushroom, spinach and poached egg bagel.

We didn’t have to wait long for our food and it was exactly what we needed after a morning of shopping and trying not to get sucked into the Christmas chaos. The bagel was toasted perfectly and it wasn’t too overfilled. The only downside was not enough spinach but the delicious mushrooms and bacon made up for that.

After letting our bagels go down and drinking more coffee, we asked the waitress what cakes and desserts where on offer. She told us there where brownies coming out of the oven and would be ready in fifteen minutes. I felt like that was a sign for the dessert gods.

The food and the service in Love Thy Neighbour where fabulous. The waitresses where attentive and chatty, discussing “divide and conquer” tactics for shopping in Lush at Christmas, and the whole atmosphere was a lovely, chilled contrast to the craziness of town on the Saturday before Christmas.

I’m genuinely excited to return to Love Thy Neighbour and try more of the plates they have, as well as a green tea cocktail or two. It’s a lovely place to go and unwind, eat great food and get away from the craziness that is shopping in Liverpool of a weekend.


PS. I forgot to take a picture of the brownie (which was chocolate and peanut butter) because I was too excited to eat it.

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