Barley & Beans

Anywhere that serves a shot of peanut M&Ms with your hot drink deserves a shout out, and Barley & Beans in Liverpool does just that. Located in Hatton Garden, a short walk from Moorfields Station, Barley & Beans serve a good breakfast at a reasonable price.



After passing it on the bus every so often and hearing a lot about the freak shakes that they serve, my friend and I decided on Barley & Beans as the place for our catch-up. I didn’t indulge in a freak shake but I did order some breakfast. To start I ordered a black coffee with almond milk, and the smoked salmon Benedict (£7.25) as my main. Carol opted for a round of toast with butter and jam (£3.00) and a Coke in a glass bottle.

Barley & Beans keep it local and get their coffee from Bootle roasters, Joe Black Coffee (shout out to L20). It was delicious and definitely needed on a cold day. The waitresses where extremely friendly & chatty, and our food arrived in good time.


Served on cool slate plates, my eggs Benedict was presented perfectly. I love it when you first put your fork into a poached egg and the yellow runny center pours out. It’s a sign of a good egg. The breakfast was a good sized portion and I didn’t feel like I needed any extras to fill me up. Usually I would be greedy and order extra toast or bacon, but I didn’t need to and I was left with room for a cheeky brunch dessert!


Never underestimate the delicious simplicity of of a toasted English muffin and a well poached egg. The Hollandaise sauce complimented the smoked salmon, making a fancy little change from my usual choice of bacon with tomato sauce. After finishing my breakfast, I ordered a Reece’s peanut butter hot chocolate (£3.50). Loaded with whipped cream and marshmallows, it was sweet, delicious and worth the stomach ache later on (I’m dairy intolerant, wah).


Barley & Beans is a perfect place to order food, chill and spend some time watching the world go by. I particularly enjoyed how reasonable all of their food is, and how they’re passionate about the ingredients used to make those delicious breakfasts.

Barley & Beans are on Facebook and Twitter. Their website can be found here and their Instagram is @barleyandbeans.


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