G’s, Amsterdam

At the start of October my boyfriend and I went for a long weekend in Amsterdam. It’s a place we’d both never been before and somewhere I would return. We didn’t do anything cultural (unless you count the Bodyworks exhibition and the Prostitution Museum – two things I would definitely recommend if you’re in the city), but we did eat a lot of good food.

Amsterdam, you are cute

We stayed in the Oosterpark neighborhood of the city and discovered a fabulous little brunch place called G’s: A Really Nice Place, through a magazine that was in our hotel room. G’s also have restaurants in Jordaan, Depijp AND a brunch boat that sails along the lovely canals.

After finding out that the brunch boat was fully booked, I reserved a table for us via G’s website and felt very satisfied with myself for being such a savvy breakfast eater/tourist. I felt even more satisfied when we arrived the next morning to discover mimosas on the menu and Jay-Z playing as we where shown to our table by one of the friendly waitresses.


The menu is split into foreplay, the main act, and tipsy. We ordered lattes and looked over the menu, enjoying how chilled the G was and the vinyl decorations and artwork around the restaurant. Jon decided on the poached eggs with ham, and I went for the egg’s Benedict with bacon. In my opinion eggs are the ultimate breakfast food and I will not resist a well made egg breakfast.


G’s eggs did not disappoint. Everything was so fresh and came on the cutest plates. We noticed the service in Amsterdam is so relaxed compared to other places, but it is nice to leisurely enjoy your meals and let your food digest without worry about immediately getting the bill or deciding on dessert.

It would be rude for me not to order a mimosa with my breakfast on holiday, so I did as a little breakfast dessert. I also had a chai latte which was delicious and while in Amsterdam I was so impressed with how many cafes offered a wide range of diary-free alternatives.

G’s is a fabulous little find and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re in Amsterdam. The brunch cruise is on my list of things to do when I return, but for now I’ll just swoon over the pictures they put on their Instagram. They also have Facebook.



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