Tom’s (aka Monk’s, the Seinfeld diner) – Breakfast Club On Tour

Our trip to New York was also a Seinfeld Pilgrimage. If you’ve never watched an episode of Seinfeld, please stop reading this blog and treat yourself to one of the greatest television shows ever created and broadcast. We originally wanted to go on the Kramer Tour while in the Big Apple, but it wasn’t running during the days we where there. So visiting and eating breakfast in the very same diner that Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer ate in was the next best thing. In the show the diner is called Monk’s, but in real life it is Tom’s.

We arrived at Tom’s around 9am for breakfast before strolling down to Central Park to spend the day there. It’s in a wonderful location, on a busy street and close to lots of subway stops. It’s neon sign (or should I say, Sein) is hard to miss and instantly recognizable from down the street. 

Tom's (2)Tom's (4)

We were seated immediately in a booth (not the actual booth, I was too shy to request that) and given menus and coffee. The menu has such a wide selection, including bowls of cereal – just like Jerry orders! – and looking around at everyone else’s table, the food looked delicious. After a few minutes of calming down and reading the menu, we gave our orders and attempted to talk but really just looked around at all the Seinfeld memorabilia (they have The Kramer!) on the walls. It’s like the Hard Rock Cafe for Seinfeld fans, but with better food and much more reasonable prices. 

Tom's (10)

Tom's (13)
The interior is very different to how it is on the show, and Morgan Freeman is not a Seinfeld cast member. Maybe he’s an honorary one? Or just loves Tom’s/ The Sein

I ordered the two egg bacon omelette ($7.40) that came with a side of fried potato and toast. I can’t remember what Jon ordered exactly from the menu but it was fried eggs, sausage and fried potato with toast. The food arrived hot and fresh. Tom’s was definitely one of the best breakfast/ meals we had in New York.

Tom's (12)Tom's (11)

This breakfast set us up for a day of walking and exploring. The waitresses were chatty and there was a nice atmosphere inside. Since we stayed very close to Times Square, it was good to be somewhere that is busy but not hectic. The service was quick but not rushed and there where so many different types of diners inside. Shout out to the old man at the counter that kept yelling, “fuck the Yankees!” at the chefs, and to the possible Sopranos sitting behind us.

A highlight was definitely the unimpressed hostess putting up with our many questions about Jerry Seinfeld. If you’re a fan or not, I would recommend eating at Tom’s for excellent food and a relaxing place to start your day, or unwind after a busy one, just like Jerry and the gang did.



This is my second review in my New York blogs. You can find my first review of Ess-a-Bagel here and a link to all my other NYC breakfast blogs here

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