The Baltic Social 

Out of the way but worth the walk, the Baltic Triangle has some excellent places to eat and drink. The Baltic Social is one of them. Tucked away (but not too tucked away – it is on a main road, Parliament Street) I came here last year for the Punk Afternoon tea for a friend’s birthday, and have been eager to try their food ever since. I’m also keen to have the Punk Afternoon tea again because who doesn’t want to eat mini burgers, tiny cakes and drink cocktails from teapots?

Punk Afternoon Tea (not on the breakfast menu)

My friend and I met here on Monday for a catch-up over brunch. There where plenty of free tables inside but it soon filled up after we’d taken a seat and ordered our food. I opted for the Veggie Baltic with an orange juice and Melissa ordered the Baltic breakfast with a soy cappuccino. The waitress asked us how we’d like our eggs done (we both opted for scrambled) and a few minutes later, our meals where in front of us.


The Veggie Baltic comes with Quorn sausages, hash brown, roast portabello mushroom, cherry tomatoes, grilled halloumi, eggs (done however you want them), a little pot pof beans, and thick cut toast. The highlights for me definitely where the portabello mushroom  and the grilled halloumi. The mushroom was huge and I underestimated this as I tried fit too much into my mouth. Halloumi is one of my favourite things but I tend to avoid it due to a diary intolerance, but I couldn’t resist. The only non-highlight about my breakfast that my orange juice was from a carton (I prefer it fresh with lots of pulp).

Veggie Baltic

Melissa’s Baltic breakfast consisted of much more meaty options, such as black pudding and bacon. Both breakfast’s came with what I can only describe as a breakfast onion bhaji, that was delicious. I really think I could eat my own body weight in onion bhajis, and not get tired of them.


After we finished, full but not defeated, we ordered some more coffee and chilled. Our bill only came to around £21.00, super reasonable and pleasing.

The Baltic Social is an excellent little creative space, regular hosting events such as live music, and has an extensive supply of craft beer. You can also hire it out for weddings and parties, which I imagine would be the cutest little venue. On Monday they still had a chalkboard with messages from a previous wedding party, which was lovely to read.

(Please excuse my shoddy interior shots, my iPhone camera was on the fritz).




The Baltic Social are on all the social media, and have a website that can be found here.


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