Moose Coffee


Moose Coffee on Dale Street is the first place I think to go in Liverpool for pancakes. It’s the ultimate place for a indulgent afternoon brunch, and a growing independent in the city (I’m hopefully checking out their sister restaurant, Moose & Moonshine, soon for non-breakfast based delights). They also have a branch in Crosby and one in Manchester.

My gal Charlotte and I met here on Monday for a catch-up. We sat upstairs, in a perfect people watching position, looking over the restaurant below, and started with coffee. After much deliberation and discussion over the menu, we decided on our meals. I went for the Double Dutch (whoever decided to put bits of sausage into pancakes is a genius) and Charlotte ordered the Lone Star Moose, although admitted she had breakfast envy when our order arrived.


I’ve been predictable and had the Double Dutch every time I’ve been to Moose and it does not disappoint. Two pancakes with sausage and bacon, topped with two fried eggs and a little jug of maple syrup, it is the perfect homage to the American short stack.  While eating our meals, Charlotte and I mused over certain American things that are coveted in British culture; red cups, little Chinese takeaway  boxes. I feel like dining at Moose is the perfect place if you want to close your eyes, sip your coffee, and pretend you’re in a Woody Allen film.

The Lone Star Moose is a breakfast meat feast of steak, sausages and potato hash. Topped with fried eggs and grilled tomato, it’s the perfect savory alternative if you don’t like your brunch on the sweet side. However I am not one of those people, and chose to drench my meal in maple syrup every few minutes.

Moose Coffee is fabulous and definitely a breakfast-based treat. I feel like Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks would love it in here, and that in it’s self is a solid recommendation.


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