Throwback review: Eggs & Co.

On Friday I dropped my phone down the toilet. It was a very silly thing to do but it has forced me to have a little social media detox whilst it’s getting repaired/ replaced (pray for it, please). It’s so easy to get caught up in Instagram, Facebook, etc. and not really enjoy what activity you’re doing, or meal you’re eating, or wherever you are. I’m so guilty of doing this, often at gigs I’ll want to get the “perfect” picture or video to post, and it does take the focus off of having a good time and enjoying the moment. I realize this is very contradictory as I rely on taking photos of my food and the places I’ve been for this blog, but I thought I’d step back and write a post on a place I ate breakfast in a while ago, and one officially one of the best breakfasts of my entire life. (Using pictures from my Instagram and sharing this post on twitter but oh well…)

Last November my boyfriend Jon and I went to Paris. It was so amazing that we’re taking French lessons so we can go every year, in every different season, and eventually one day become Parisians ourselves. While we where there we ate so much good food. Probably the best food we’ve ever eaten on holiday and a stark difference to the food I’d previously had in Paris, during my trip to Disneyland in 2013.


Eggs & Co was a place we would have never been if it wasn’t by recommendation, and we are so pleased we made the effort and the metro ride from our hotel to find it. It’s located on Rue Bernard Palissy and it was a simple & short metro ride from Les Halles.

Tucked away off a main road, Eggs & Co is a quaint little cafe that serves the best eggs you’ve ever tasted. Honestly, Jon and I always talk about how we can never have eggs Benedict again because it will never compare to what we had at Eggs & Co.

Decorated with a lot of chicken ornaments and paraphernalia, at first we where confused by the all-French menu (this happened a lot, but we eventually got the hang of it). We chose a two course breakfast that came with a basket of bread and fresh orange juice.


From what I can remember, this came to around €30 each, with a bit extra for coffee and green tea. The first course was officially the best eggs Benedict in the world, and the second course was a fluffy pancake with fresh fruit and syrup.


Potatoes and salad with breakfast, it can’t be?! But it was amazing. I still look back at this picture and remember the flavours, how good it tasted, and how perfect the english muffins where toasted. That one course was enough to fill us for most of the day but we couldn’t resist a second course of pancakes. When in Paris, etc.

So simple but so satisfying, I feel like I definitely had a extra stomach for pancakes develop that day. It was the perfect compliment to the first course, and felt like a little dessert that was sort of health because it had fruit with in. Honestly, I dream of Eggs & Co and talk about Eggs & Co and recommend Eggs & Co all of the time. I even feel hungry writing this.

Eggs & Co is a must-visit if you’re going to Paris, and I envy you so much if you live close enough to it to regularly have breakfast there. It is definitely a place to enjoy the moment, savour the food, and put your phone away (after taking a few cheeky Instagram snaps).

Until next time, au revoir!


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